On my way home… – a public transport Action

Going home during rush hour.
People sitting, people standing, clumped all together in a space where everybody is on their own. No one chose to be here.
This “here” only exists for a “there”. This “there” is where all are going.

The subway takes you where you want to go, but you need to free your mind from it – not seeing, not looking, not listening. You are not supposed to enter into an experience when entering the wagon.
What if the doors of the subway would be stage wings? Can you find love in a wagon? Is it okay to share candy with your neighbor?

“On my way home…” is a performance where we play with the expected social rules of public transportation. We are interested in challenging the existing do’s and dont’s of the subway.
ReAct! will turn this awkward place into a sweet, magical dream… what happens when you break the unspoken rules and start using the space differently?

Using dance, movement, and interactions, we play with the picture of the strange passenger and what a subway has to offer to it’s costumers. On the way, we raise questions such as: What are the limits of my personal space? What do I do with my commuting time? What social relations can I have in an everyday modern metropolis?

Starting as a strange group of passengers that bends the rules by sitting upside down, changing seats, or entangling our arms to maintain a precarious balance, we will then change the mood of the whole space, surprising the audience by becoming the caretakers of a very special and inviting wagon.

Welcome aboard. Sit down. Relax, and enjoy the ride! On your way home…

On my way home

On my way home… is a public transport Action by ReAct! – Actions moving, where we test the possibilities of communication between audience and performers within the specific situation of public transportation. We welcome and invite interactions without forcing them.

The whole performance takes place inside a subway or train wagon, or on a bus or a boat, without blocking or disrupting its usage for the public. It starts with some “invisible” actions that slowly will make the passengers feel comfortable, and it builds up towards a full wagon interaction where the audience is free to interact or just enjoy.

This performance needs to be adapted to the specific needs and possibilities of each subway or public transport system.

Duration: about 30 minutes. Premiered in the Stockholm Subway in 2013 (Sweden)

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