Annu Ronkainen

“I’m interested in shaking the habitual in a concrete physical way. We are sensing, feeling and experiencing beings, but much of our every day actions are focused on the abstract level of thinking. With and through ReAct! I want to remind myself and others how important it is to keep testing the world with an empiric manner and dare to throw ourselves into unknown situations head first.”

Annu is a Finnish dancer and pedagogue. In her youth she tried various art forms from music and gymnastics to visual arts until she discovered dance, that allowed her to combine the need of physical action with artistic creation. With ReAct! her interest of testing the physical limits of the body has expanded to testing the limits of social reality.

Annu graduated Bachelor of Arts from Stockholm University of Dance and Circus 2010. Since then she has worked both as a teacher and a dancer in Sweden, Finland and Slovenia. In 2016 she supplemented her studies with a Master degree in dance pedagogy at the Theater Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Annu has experience in teaching various ages from beginners to skilled movers. In her pedagogical approach she is focused on people’s ability to expand the scale of nuances in their movement and to enjoy their dancing bodies.

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